Ohio school boards terminate membership with NSBA for labeling parents 'domestic terrorists'


The Ohio School Boards Association severed ties with the National School Boards Association after the national group sent a letter to President Biden requesting assistance from federal law enforcement at school board meetings.

"OSBA believes strongly in the value of parental and community discussion at school board meetings, and we reject the labeling of parents as domestic terrorists," OSBA Chief Executive Rick Lewis and OSBA President Robert Heard Sr. said in a letter to the NSBA Tuesday.

"There is tremendous value in allowing and encouraging the public to have meaningful input into the decision-making process. However, that participation should not come at the expense of interfering with the board’s ability to conduct its business or subjecting individual board members to threats of violence, abuse, or harassment. That said, dealing with such interference should be dealt with at the local level, not by federal officials."

The NSBA sent a letter to Biden at the end of September saying that threats at school board meetings have increased in recent days, and requested assistance from federal officials. The letter included language linking parents to domestic terrorists.

The letter came after numerous viral videos of school board meetings where parents spoke out against critical race theory curriculum being implemented in schools across the country.

The governing board of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association also cut ties with the national organization last week over the letter. The Missouri School Board Association board of directors also cut ties with NSBA on Monday.

"We also believe that no school board member or educator should ever have to endure threats of violence ... (Read more)

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