WaPo editor joins liberal critics targeting Kyrsten Sinema for wearing denim on Senate floor


The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty joined a throng of liberals expressing their disapproval of Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's choice of attire Tuesday, when the Democrat from Arizona wore a denim vest on the Senate floor.

Sinema, who's faced relentless scrutiny from the left in recent months over her opposition to parts of a $3.5-trillion, Democratic-backed spending bill, presided over the Senate wearing the vest.

The video of her more casual attire has racked up millions of views online.


"There used to be a sign in the Senate Press Gallery admonishing journalists they were not allowed to wear denim into the chamber. Hill reporters: is it still there?" Tumulty wrote on Twitter.


Washington Post reporter Paul Kane then posted a photo of the sign barring press from wearing denim, and anything other than business attire – confirming the ban is still in place.

"Yep. It's still there…" Tumulty responded, before stating she wasn't the one who put up the sign after someone compared her to a "boomer" teacher enforcing a middle school dress code.



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