Reporter asks McAuliffe 'why do you need all the help' as big-name Democrats rush to help him campaign


ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl bluntly asked Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe why he needs so much help in a state where a Republican hasn't won a statewide race in 12 years.

In recent days, McAuliffe has enlisted President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris and a slew of other liberal household names in hopes he can get the extra boost needed to win the closely watched race. The Virginia governor's race is often looked at as a national bellwether. In 2017, a comfortable win for Democrat Ralph Northam preceded Democrats taking back the House the following year, as did Republican Bob McDonnell's landslide victory in 2009 before the GOP won the House in 2010.

Polls have shown McAuliffe, who was previously elected governor in 2013, tied with GOP nominee Glenn Youngkin and Biden’s own popularity is on the decline after carrying Virginia comfortably in 2020.

Democrats appear nervous, and Karl took notice.

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