Ghislaine Maxwell's request to keep jury questionnaire, juror interviews secret denied by judge


A federal judge denied a request by Jeffrey Epstein confidant Ghislaine Maxwell to keep a jury questionnaire out of the public eye in her much-publicized sex trafficking trial.

New York Judge Alison Nathan officially made her ruling Friday, saying "the request to seal the parties' proposed questionnaire and voir dire and the court's draft questionnaire and voir dire until after jury selection is completed is denied."

Maxwell lawyer Bobbi Sternheim said Thursday that letting the public see the blank version of the questionnaire, which is used to screen the jury pool for biases, hardships, personal connections and awareness of the case, will lead to people lying their way into the jury process. She equated it to a "take-home exam" in which jurors could fill in answers they think will best position them to be selected.

The questionnaire is expected to be given to 600 prospective jurors. Twelve primary jurors will be chosen along with several alternates.

Nathan said a screening questionnaire will be administered to potential jurors on Nov. 4, 5 and 12. A list of names and corresponding numbers will be made and given to prosecutors and defense... (Read more)

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