James Carville is 'scared to death' that Terry McAuliffe will lose Virginia governors race


Democratic strategist James Carville is "scared to death" about a potential election upset in the Virginia gubernatorial election.

On Wednesday, Carville appeared on MSNBC's "The 11th Hour" with host Brian Williams to discuss the upcoming election that has become a dead heat according to new polling. Williams asked about Democratic candidate and former governor Terry McAuliffe’s prospects in the race, in which Carville responded that the race is looking more like "a toss-up."

"It’s close," Carville said. "Cook has it [as] a toss-up. If Cook has the race toss up — and Terry, by the way, has been blunt that we are in a very tight, race and Democrats need to be activated."

He also admitted that he’s "scared to death" at the prospect of McAuliffe losing with polling putting McAuliffe and his Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin are dead even in support.

"It’s close. There’s no doubt about it, and I’m scared to death. And other Democrats should be. And the solution to that, if you know people in Virginia, call them and ask them to vote. If you are in Virginia, call and ask other people to vote. But the only thing that I can tel... (Read more)

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