Don Lemon flips out on Democrats, slams desk during rant about 'saving' America: 'Get your butts in gear!'


CNN host Don Lemon flipped out on Democrats Wednesday, slamming his fist on his desk as he ranted that they weren't doing enough to sell their agenda to the American people and rescue democracy.

During the handoff between their respective shows, Lemon and fellow left-wing host Chris Cuomo agreed that Democrats had a messaging problem when it came to communicating their agenda, but Lemon took it a step further, becoming agitated as he called Democrats "weak" and accused them of not being passionate enough about "saving" America.

"Democrats get your butts in gear and get passionate about saving this damn country! You’re not doing it. You’re weak. You are weak. You are weak," Lemon said as he beat his hand on his desk.

Lemon claimed the massive Democrat-backed multi-trillion dollar social spending package included items that Americans wanted but weren't being advocated for in the right way.

"If you get someone in a ruby red state or rural state to understand that … then it’s a win for you," Lemon said. "Republicans … are going around the country and they are winning with a lie. They’re able to get people on their side with a total lie and Democrats can’t get people motivated with the truth that will help them."

"So what is going on with you? Why are you so bad at politicking? Why are you so bad at politics, Democrats?" Lemon added. "When you have the winning message, when you have the Senate and you have the Congress and you have the White House and you can’t win with a winning message, something is wrong."

"And it’s not that the Republicans are doing this and that. They’re better at the messaging than you are! That’s what it is! It’s not the Republicans’... (Read more)

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