Popular singer, TikTok star is robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco: 'Peeing my pants'


A TikTok star and Australian singer-songwriter visiting San Francisco said he was robbed at gunpoint in the city.


"They all pulled guns on us. So it was me and two of my mates. And we were filming the whole documentary together, and it was very weird. It was very scary having a gun to my face. First time in my whole life that I'd had a gun to my face. I was peeing my pants, very aggressively. Not actually, but in my head I was," Clinton Kane told ABC 7.

"I had so much adrenaline and so much confusion and shock and fear."

Kane and two of his friends had just arrived in San Francisco on Friday afternoon for a film project. They parked in the Marina District for lunch, and Kane said he noticed men breaking into his car and taking $30,000 in equipment.

Kane and his friends then chased the men and were allegedly met with guns in their faces.

"Just got to san francisco to film for the album and in an hour of being here we had a gun pointed to our faces and everything was stolen so this trip is going QUITE GREAT," Kane posted on his Instagram account, accompanied by a video of the car where the equipment was reportedly stolen.

The San Francisco Police Department did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment to confirm the incident and if it was reported to authorities.

Kane added to ABC7 that he and his two friends ran to a restaurant after the guns were allegedly pulled on them.

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