Shirtless North Korean soldiers break blocks, lay on glass before Kim Jong Un in bizarre video


Shirtless North Korean soldiers showed off the country's military might in a bizarre series of exercises in front of the country's leader, Kim Jong Un, and his subordinates by breaking bricks, taking hits to the body with objects and other feats of strength in a propaganda video.

The footage, which is just over two minutes long, was uploaded to social media by Martyn Williams, a North Korea-focused journalist. He tweeted that the exercise was broadcast on North Korean state TV.

The footage shows flying kicks and the soldiers breaking what appeared to be concrete tiles with their hands and feet. One soldier is seen running into a set of tiles and using his head to smash them.

Another is seen taking multiple hits with what appeared to be poles to his bare-chested frame and head. Others place large pieces of concrete slabs on their chest as someone else slams a large hammer on them.

At the end of the video, one man breaks a set of chains wrapped around him and proceeds to bre... (Read more)

Submitted 8 days ago

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