New CNN Approval Poll For Biden


Half of Americans approve of President Biden's performance as president, according to a new CNN poll that was quickly shared by White House staff after a string of tough polling numbers.

The CNN survey released Wednesday found the country is sharply divided over Biden's work thus far. Fifty percent of adults gave Biden positive marks, while 49 percent said they disapprove of his job performance.

The president's approval is down slightly from 52 percent in a September CNN poll.

The survey found Americans similarly divided on Biden's work to unify the country and on how to proceed with his economic agenda.

The poll showed 51 percent of those surveyed felt Biden has done more to unite the country during his nine months in office, while 49 percent said he's done more to divide the nation.

Biden is also facing a divided Democratic electorate, according to the poll, as he seeks to push both a bipartisan infrastructure bill through the House and a larger package containing spending on child care, education and climate initiatives through both chambers of Congress.

The poll found 49 percent of Democrats surveyed believe progressives are doing more for the party by trying to secure a larger package with more spending on those programs, while 51 percent of Dem... (Read more)

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