George P. Bush pushes back on WH whipping narrative, shares video of Border Patrol horses without 'whips'


Texas Land Commissioner and state attorney general candidate George P. Bush slammed the idea that horseback Border Patrol agents whipped migrants, sharing a video from a previous border visit to show the agents don't have "whips."

Bush blasted the Biden administration's whipping narrative on Twitter Saturday amid the illegal immigration crisis plaguing the Biden administration.

Bush shared a video of him meeting with horseback Border Patrol agents in the El Paso sector from a few months ago and pushed back on the White House’s "whipping" narrative that has resulted in Del Rio agents having to bench their horses.

Bush told Fox News in a Saturday email that the Biden administration's "attempts" to "disparage our Border Patrol are out of control."

"They have advocated for open borders and left our agents outmanned, overwhelmed, and overrun. This is intentional," Bush said. "With almost 2,000 miles of border with Mexico, our honorable border patrol faces enormous challenges covering this terrain to enforce federal immigration law."

"Texas is doing everything we can, but the federal government has dropped the ball and continues to put our national security at risk," the state attorney general candidate added.

"It’s split reins that help give the agents additional control over t...

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