Bill Maher slams Whoopi Goldberg for wanting two national anthems  


Bill Maher has slammed 'The View' host Whoopi Goldberg after she said America needs a separate black national anthem in order to 'reeducate people'.

Maher had hit out at the NFL two weeks ago after Alicia Keys performed Lift Every Voice and Sing - otherwise known as the black national anthem - at a Thursday night football game.

He warned that having separate anthems for different people was 'segregation' but 'under a different name'.

His comments sparked a debate on 'The View', with Goldberg saying she was all for having more than one national anthem because of how minorities are currently being treated in the country.

'I think because we have gone backwards a good 10-15 years, we're having to re-educate people,' she said.

But on Friday, 'Real Time' host Maher doubled down on his previous statements and slammed Goldberg for her claim that people need to be 'reeducated'

'Whoopi Goldberg said, quote, "We're having to re-educate people". Because nothing ever goes wrong when you start talking about re-education. Just ask Chairman Mao. Maybe we can set up some sort of camps,' he joked.

Maher reasserted he isn't opposed to a new national anthem but 'We just shouldn't have two… I am what you might call an old school liberal who was brought up with the crazy idea that segregating by race is bad. That's what I was talking about.'

Maher asked if the country has two anthems for black and white Americans why stop there and pondered why there shouldn't be an Anthem for women, gays and other races like Latinos and Asians.

'Symbols of unity matter,' Maher continued. 'And purposefully fragmenting things by race reinforces a terrible message that ... (Read more)

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