GOP Sen. Johnson: Hunter Biden Revelations Show 'How Sleazy This All Was'


Thursday, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) reacted to recently unveiled Hunter Biden emails by The New York Post, in which the younger Biden boasted about his ties to foreign U. S. adversaries.

The Wisconsin Republican described it as “sleazy” and warned that President Joe Biden could be  “compromised.”

HANNITY: Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, he led a Senate investigation into Hunter Biden’s overseas business deal, and he joins us.

All the things I just mentioned, Senator, you and Charles Grassley, you came up with a lot of it, short of the Burisma side of this. What can you tell us about legal vulnerability that exists here?

JOHNSON: Well, it’s actually interesting that this report came out today. This is the one year anniversary of when Senator Grassley and I released our report, showing a vast web of foreign financial entanglements, you know, so many different transactions into China. We laid out all the information we had on Burisma, but so much more has been revealed. And quite honestly, our report really was a catalyst for more people to come forward.

Mr. Mac Isaac, the computer repair shop owner, he grew impatient. We – – you know, he was talking to us about that his hard drive but we had to vet that through the FBI, they weren’t giving us information. So we released that to The New York Post. They made it public.

Tony Bobulinski came forward because of our report, because he realized that Hunter basically shafts him out of $5 million.

So, our report was a catalyst for so much of this information now coming forward, but our report was a big warning. We tried to warn the American public that if they elect this very unfit human being, President Biden, that he was going to be compromised, that he represented a counterintelligence threat, an extortion threat, and now, we’re seeing example after example.

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