Neighbors say Brian Laundrie, parents went on a trip in new camper after Gabby Petito disappeared


Brian Laundrie and his parents reportedly took a weekend camping trip on the same day Gabby Petito was reported missing.

Charlene and William Guthrie live directly across the street from the home of the Laundries in North Port, Florida. The couple claim they saw the family take a camping trip in a new "attached camper." The Daily Mail reported the family took the trip on Saturday, Sept. 11 — the same day the now-deceased Gabby Petito was reported missing,

"I was doing some work in the front yard and I noticed they got a new camper for the back of the pickup," William Guthrie said during an appearance on Fox News' "The Story." "I didn't think anything unusual."

"Then when they prepared for their trip, I saw them load the camper," he told Martha MacCallum.

William thought it was "odd" that the parents and their 23-year-old son went on a trip together in a "small camper that's on the back of the truck."

Charlene Guthrie said the Gabby Petito case has been a "nightmare."

In an earlier interview with Fox News, William Guthrie remembered the last time he saw Gabby.

"Right when we moved in ... in June, they were working on the van, I guess to get ready for the trip," he said. "She was in the back of the van doing something, and as we pulled away she turned, waved, I waved back, and she smiled, and we drove away. That's the last time we saw her."

"She was a pretty girl and you see her turn around and just smile," Guthries said of the "van-life" girl. "You see the images on their trip of her smiling, it was a haunting sight and memory."

William Guthrie also criticized the actions of the Laundrie family after Petito was reported missing.

"If their son was innocent, I don't feel like they should have lawyered up as soon as he came back into the state," the neighbor stated. "I felt that if he had nothing to do with it they should have released a statement somehow stating his innocence."

"I'm really upset now because … [the Laundries] should ha... (Read more)

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