Ex-boxing champ Andre Berto calls on Biden to 'to get up and do something' about border crisis


Andre Berto, a former boxing welterweight champion, called on the Biden administration to provide more help with Haitians stuck at the U. S.-Mexico border.

Berto, who holds dual U. S. and Haiti citizenship, told TMZ Sports on Wednesday he empathizes with the plight of some Haitians who are looking to come to the U.S.

"My message to Joe Biden would be for him to get up and do something. Right now is the time. The Haitian people have been pleading, pleading for help for many years," Berto said.

The 38-year-old is the son of Haitian immigrants and was one of seven siblings who were born in Winter Haven, Florida. Berto said the Haitians who have escaped the country are "literally trying to find a better life in general."

"Of course, with a very corrupt government, you're talking about people that are just trying to find a much better way of life. And to be treated that way here is just sick to see," he told TMZ Sports.

He compared the situation with Haitian refugees to the plight of Afghans who fled their home country due to the Taliban... (Read more)

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