NBA players' union 'rejects COVID-19 vaccine mandate' for 2021-22


While NBA coaches, officials, and many league staffers are facing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, players will not be required to get the injection in order to compete next season unless a compromise can be reached in the coming weeks.

With the NBA and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) continuing to negotiate COVID-19 protocols, ESPN reported Tuesday that there will be no vaccine mandate for players — a position the union considers a non-starter.

A source familiar with the discussions told that the NBPA has been very reluctant to agree to any mandate, but stopped short of conceding that the issue settled.

A league spokesperson declined to comment to, while an NBPA spokesperson has not responded to a request for comment.

Even without a mandate in place, Knicks, Nets, and Warriors players will still need to get vaccinated due to local laws in New York and San Francisco. Those with medical or religious exemptions would not be required to receive the injection.

About 85 percent of league players are vaccinated, according to the NBA, which has mandates in place for coaches, staff, and most everyone who works directly with the athletes.

Without a firm mandate, the NBA will follow in the footsteps of the NFL by making COVID-19 protocols more rigorous for those who haven't received the injection.

As the league explained in a memo to teams earlier this month, fully vaccinated NBA players and coaches are not expected to be subject to regular coronavirus testing this season.

Exceptions to that policy will include situations such as a player or coach showing symptoms generally asso... (Read more)

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