Black Lives Matter protesters arrested outside Met Gala, where AOC schmoozes inside


Multiple Black Lives Matter protesters were arrested during a demonstration outside the Met Gala in New York City Monday evening.

In videos shared online, a crowd of protesters can be heard chanting the name of Mike Rosado, a Bronx man who died last month in a shootout with police.

An officer on a megaphone can be heard telling the crowd they are being placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and a scuffle appears to break out.

Another video shows police officers appearing to roughly restrain a protester while people in the crowd shout, "Let go of her!"

The officers then put up a barricade to hold off the demonstrators as they chant more slogans about "abuse of power."

Fox News has reached out to the NYPD t... (Read more)

Submitted 7 days ago

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