NY AG investigation confirms that CNN's Chris Cuomo helped his brother respond to sexual assault allegations


The New York Attorney General's office confirmed in an investigation released Tuesday that CNN's Chris Cuomo helped New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo respond to sexual assault allegations.

Chris Cuomo apologized in May for advising his brother when the news initially emerged, and CNN said it would not punish the influential news anchor for his actions.

"I love my family and I love my job," Chris Cuomo said on television at the time. "And I love and respect my colleagues here at CNN. To them, I'm truly sorry."

New York Attorney General Letita James' report confirmed Chris Cuomo's involvement and noted that the governor had a group of advisors from "within and outside the Chamber" that discussed how to respond to the sexual harassment allegations. The filing explicitly says that "the Governor's brother Chris Cuomo" was privy to these conversations....(Read more)

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