LA Mayor’s Home Vandalized With Trash And Graffiti After Signing Ordinance Restricting Homeless Encampments


Protestors vandalized Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s house Thursday night after he signed a law restricting homeless encampments in the city, according to CBS Los Angeles.

About 50 protestors gathered at Garcetti‘s house around 7:30 p.m. Thursday. Protestors held signs saying “5 Unhoused People A Day Die In Garcettis LA” and “Your Sweeps Are Violent! We Will Not Be Silent!” CBS Los Angeles reported.

Although the protests began peacefully, dozens of officers responded in riot gear by the end of the night, according to the outlet.

“No one was in danger. Our role last night was to facilitate a peaceful protest and make sure that everyone’s First Amendment... (Read more)

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