‘It Felt Calculated’: Woman Who Accused Cuomo Of Groping Her Describes A History Of ‘Tight Hugs’ And ‘Kisses On The Cheek’


A woman claiming to be a former staff member to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has levied more allegations of sexual harassment against the governor, calling the advances “calculated.”

The Times Union published an interview with the woman on Wednesday, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, detailing her experiences with the governor in his mansion.

The woman told the Times Union that the governor had groomed her while in his mansion in what she described as a “pattern” of behavior that ranged from “tight hugs” to “kisses on the cheek.”


“Sometimes he would pull my whole body close to him. I remember purposely, like, taking my pelvis and pulling away. … I knew what he was doing.” The anonymous woman said during the interview.

The woman stated that the governor would ask probing and inapp... (Read more)

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