Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter Says Threesomes Have Made Her A ‘Better Person’


Rudy Giuliani’s daughter, Caroline Rose Giuliani, talked about having threesomes and said it has made her “a better person.”

“I had known some time I was at least bisexual but had barely explored that side of my sexuality,” the 32-year-old daughter of the former Mayor of New York wrote in Vanity Fair on Thursday. Her piece was titled “A Unicorn’s Tale: Three-Way Sex With Couples Has Made Me A Better Person.”

“I knew I wanted to experience new dynamics,” she wrote of her sexual adventures.

Caroline said she found a world of “ethical non-monogamy” after she got out of a “long-term, loving monogamous relationship.” As part of this sexual exploration, she signed up for a dating app “where couples can seek a third partner, known as a ‘unicorn.'”

“When people think about three-ways, intimacy may not be the first thing to come to mind,” Giuliani’s daughter wrote. ‘”Kinky,’ ‘dirty,’ and ‘taboo’ are probably top of the list. It can certainly be all of those things (she says with a naughty smile),” she wrote.

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