SpaceX’s successfully lands Starship prototype for the first time


SpaceX’s latest Starship prototype successfully landed on Wednesday for the first time after carrying out a high-altitude test flight in Texas. The rocket, an early test version called SN10, demonstrated a few complex dances in mid-air before safely touching down, nailing a key milestone in Elon Musk’s campaign to build a fully reusable rocket system.

After aborting an initial launch attempt earlier in the day, the prototype lifted off at 6:14pm ET and soared 6 miles above SpaceX’s Boca Chica, Texas facilities. Unlike the last two tests with SN8 and SN9, which launched successfully but exploded on their landing attempts, SN10 stuck a safe landing on a slab of concrete not far from its launchpad.

The launch test’s main objective was to demonstrate the computer-controlled movements of the rocket’s four aerodynamic flaps that steer its descent before... (Read more)

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