Hillary Clinton is co-writing a thriller novel that reckons with a post-Trump world


Hillary Clinton is trying her hand at fiction writing.

The mystery novel fan and former Secretary of State is teaming up with award-winning author Louise Penny to pen her first fiction book "State of Terror."

The novel centers around a novice Secretary of State working in the administration of a rival politician who tries to solve a wave of terrorist attacks. The newly minted president has been inaugurated after "four years of American leadership that shrank from the world stage," a clear swipe at former president Donald Trump.

"State of Terror," which will be jointly released by Clinton's publisher Simon & Schuster and Penny's St. Martin's Press, is set to arrive in bookshops on Oct. 12.

Penny, whose previous work includes "The Cruelest Month" and "The Brutal Telling," is a long-time friend ... (Read more)

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