Stevie Wonder reveals he plans to move to Ghana from the USA


Stevie Wonder has revealed he plans on moving to Ghana over concerns about systemic racism in the USA.

The singer, 70, spoke candidly with Oprah Winfrey on her Apple TV+ show The Oprah Conversation in November last year, where he claimed he didn't want his great-grandchildren to have to ask to be respected and valued by society.

Speaking a few days after the US Election, but before the results were revealed, he reflected: 'I promise you [America], if you do the right thing, I will give you this song. I will give it to you. You can have [it].'

'I want to see this nation smile again. And I want to see it before I leave to travel to move to Ghana because I'm going to do that.'

Oprah asked if he meant he was going to 'move permanently' to Ghana, and Stevie confirmed that was the case.

Of his reasoning, he explained: 'I don't want to see my children's, children's children have to say "Oh please like me, please respect me, please know that I am important, please value me." What is that?'

Stevie added that he believed life in the USA had become 'more dangerous than ever before', as the country had 'allowed lo... (Read more)

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