Ex-CNN producer says Chris Cuomo's ‘conflict of interest’ on COVID goes beyond his brother


As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s ongoing nursing home scandal continues to generate headlines across the nation, a former CNN staffer feels the liberal network’s "conflict of interest" has also become national news and pondered if the governor’s kid brother should be allowed to cover the coronavirus at all.

Gov. Cuomo’s little brother, Chris, hosts "Cuomo Prime Time" on CNN, regularly providing a platform last year for the governor to appeal to viewers by conducting playful on-air conversations masquerading as news interviews at the height of the coronavirus pandemic’s early stages. The siblings famously joked about who their mother prefers, performed prop comedy and largely avoided lingering questions about the governor’s role in thousands of nursing home deaths across the Empire State.

Cuomo, who his younger brother sometimes adoringly refers to as the "Love Gov," has been accused of withholding data on COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes to avoid federal scrutiny and even bullying political opponents. He is now facing intense backlash over the scandal, including a federal probe into his administration's handling of the crisis.

As a result, CNN announced last week it reinstated a ban on its 9 p.m. ET host, covering or interviewing his older brother. The original ban on Chris Cuomo interviewing big brother was lifted early on in the pandemic, a move that would tarnish CNN's reputation.

Steve Krakauer, a former CNN digital producer who now edits the Fourth Watch media newsletter, reported additional details on Monday.

"A source familiar with the matter expanded on it further to me, saying that the exception was made to create familiarity and comfort, but as soon... (Read more)


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