Ted Cruz says his wife was ‘pissed’ about leaked text messages on Cancun trip


Cruz says his wife was ‘pissed’ about leaked text messages, paparazzi coverage

The Texas senator repeatedly made light of the Cancún trip scandal on his public apology tour.

Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday continued his public apology tour for his heavily criticized trip to Cancún last week amid a crippling power and water crisis across his home state.

But the Texas Republican repeatedly made light of the scandal and complained about his own family’s treatment by members of the media, as well as by neighbors who leaked the contents of a compromising group text chain.

Appearing on an episode of the conservative “Ruthless” podcast, which debuted a month after the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last year, Cruz said he hadn’t experienced “this much negative press coverage since northern California in the 1960s” — a reference to the joking online insult that the senator is secretly the infamous Zodiac killer.

Cruz also referenced photos that circulated in recent days of his family’s pet dog, named Snowflake, seemingly abandoned at home while his owners absconded to Mexico.

“I spend too much time on Twitter, so I see apparently I’ve literally fed Snowflake to the wolves,” Cruz said, going on to explain that the dog was accompanied by a sitter, “and actually the heat and power was back on.”

Cruz said it was “really creepy” that a reporter captured a picture of his dog forlornly staring out a window, and “even more creepy” that his wife Heidi was photographed on the beach “in her bikini” by paparazzi.

“I will tell you, that she is pissed about. All the rest of it, she’s fine,” Cruz said, adding: “Heidi is smoking hot, so I looked at the pictures and said, ‘Man, you look great.’”

During the 2016 Republican presidential primary, then-candidate Donald Trump memorably threatened to “spill the beans” on Heidi Cruz and tweeted an unflattering photo of her next to a glossy image of his own wife, Melania. The senator condemned the posts at the time, but went on to become one of Trump’s ... (Read more)

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