Utah GOP Gov. Derides Bill to Protect Women from Trans Competitors


Governor Spencer Cox (R-UT) spoke publicly about his concerns over state lawmakers’ efforts to advance legislation protecting female high school and college athletes competing in sports against transgender women.

House Bill 302 passed with a 50-23 vote last week, and it will advance to the state Senate despite Cox’s effort to undermine the legislation.

The Republican sponsor of the bill, State Representative Kera Birkeland, said in a Facebook video that it is “very important to me that we have an even playing field for our women.”

“Cox said he was hoping for a better solution than an outright ban and would meet with Birkeland, who has also served as a high school basketball and football referee,” Fox News reported.

“I think there’s still much that we can do to protect women’s sports and also, to send a message to trans kids that there’s a place for them, and that they belong,” Cox said at a news conference. “And that’s really important to me that they know that.”

At his monthly news conference, @GovCox said the way a current bill on banning transgender girls from high school sports stands, he wouldn't sign it if it was placed on his desk. He says the bill's complicated, and both sides of the issue are right. https://t.co/KJ4fDxYR2c #utpol pic.twitter.com/7xi1cN63Ck

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