Democratic Congresswoman Says Democrats Must Defeat GOP In 2022 To Preserve Democracy


House Democratic Representative Stephanie Murphy of Florida told NBC News that Republicans need to be kept out of the majority to protect democracy and national security after the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Rep. Murphy co-chairs the Blue Dog Coalition, which has reportedly “sought common ground rather than conflict with Republicans on issues like government funding, health care and immigration.”

Murphy seemed to shift her tone, however, questioning Republicans’ commitment to democracy, saying that the Republican party is increasingly defined by “conspiracy theories” over conservative policies. She “cited votes from a majority of House Republicans to block the counting of electoral votes in key states for President Joe Biden on the night of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, including most who defeated Blue Dog members.”

“It underscored for me that our political obligation is now a national security obligation,” Murphy told NBC News. “Imagine what would have happened had the Democrats not held the House, not been in the majority on Jan. 6 — where would we be today?”

Murphy is the first Vietnamese-American woman to serve in Congress, mentioning her family’s experience of fleeing a communist country when she was six months old. She also mentioned her background in national security when she worked at the Pentagon in speaking of the fragility of democratic institutions.

“The Democratic majority is not just about policies that we’re putting forward to help the American people. It is also about preserving our democracy,” she said. “They continue to create room for the conspiracy theorists. I don’t know how you make common sense policy and laws that ca... (Read more)

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