Marjorie Taylor Greene says she will file articles of impeachment against Biden


Freshman congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene said she will attempt to impeach President-elect Joe Biden for abuse of power once he is sworn into office.

The Georgia Republican, who has raised eyebrows for boosting conspiracy theories, announced the long-shot move Wednesday evening on Newsmax, just hours after the House voted to impeach President Trump for inciting an insurrection.

“I would like to announce on the behalf of the American people we have to make sure that our leaders are held accountable,” Greene said. She claimed Biden is “willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments, Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies.”

Greene said she will be filing articles of impeachment on Jan. 21, Biden’s first full day in office. In a subsequent tweet, she announced the move and included hashtags such as #BidenCrimeFamily and #QuidProJoe.

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