Forbes op-ed warns companies about hiring 'fabulists' from Trump administration


Canceling anyone who was associated with President Trump is not going to unite the country, Independent Women's Forum analyst Kelsey Bolar said Tuesday.

"This is just the latest example of cancel culture and the great purge that we’re seeing come from the left and never-Trump Republicans," Bolar told "Fox & Friends."

Bolar said that Biden was elected to the president on the idea of bringing unity and a sense of normalcy to this country, however, the "dangerous cancel culture" will prevent that from happening.

"This dangerous cancel culture, which wants to ban any American who had the audacity to support President Trump or work in his administration from being able to do something as basic as have a new job," she said.

Bolar reacted to Forbes warning companies not to hire officials associated with Trump in a recent op-ed.

Forbes magazine’s chief content officer, Randall Lane, warned companies that may consider hiring Kayleigh McEnany, Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and others who worked for th... (Read more)

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