Chuck Schumer Says RBG’s Death, Candidate’s Extramarital Affair Cost Democrats The Senate


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told Democratic donors that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and North Carolina Senate candidate Cal Cunningham’s extramarital affair ruined the party’s chances of retaking the Senate, sources familiar with the call told Axios.

Schumer specifically blamed Cunningham’s inability to “keep his zipper up” for why Democrats are unable to have more than a 50-seat majority in the next Congress, according to Axios. Democrats’ Senate hopes now lie in Georgia, where dual runoffs will determine whether Democrats can gain a slim majority or whether the party will finish with just 48 seats.

On the call, Schumer reportedly regretted not only failing to recruit Stacey Abrams to run for a Senate seat in Georgia, but also successfully recruiting Cunningham.

Democrats were favored to retake the Senate majority, according to most forecasts, only to have down-ballot Republicans exceed e... (Read more)

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