Nevada judge won't block certifying election, rejects revote


LAS VEGAS (AP) — A Nevada judge declined Friday to block statewide certification of the Nov. 3 election or order a do-over in Las Vegas and surrounding Clark County for a Republican congressional candidate who lost by nearly 5% to an incumbent Democrat.

The rulings in separate cases by Clark County District Court Judge Gloria Sturman followed a rehash of arguments rejected in other state and federal courts about vote-by-mail and ballot counts.

They did not affect other legal actions pending in Nevada before Sturman and other judges, including a key election challenge by attorneys for President Donald Trump’s campaign.

That case aims to nullify the Nevada election or have the Republican president declared the winner despite tallies showing that of the more than 1.4 million votes cast, President-elect Joe Biden, the Democrat, won by approximately 2.4%, or more than 33,000 votes.

A hearing in that case is scheduled Dec. 1 before a judge in Carson City.

In Las Vegas, Sturman rejected as “a really extreme request” the bid by conservative former Nevada lawmaker Sharron Angle and her voting watchdog group, the Election Integrity Project of Nevada, to block certification results of the statewide election.

The state Supreme Court has scheduled that action next Tuesday.

Angle’s attorney, Joel Hansen, called it obvious that fraud would occur after Democratic state lawmakers approved sending vote-by-mail ballots to every active registered voter in Nevada in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

He pointed to cardboard boxes that he said contained hundreds of accounts collected by project volunteers knocking on doors in the Re... (Read more)

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