'Very strange': Devin Nunes says Democrats lack confidence in Biden victory


There is something "very strange" about the way Democrats are treating the 2020 election, according to Rep. Devin Nunes.

The California Republican, who is the ranking member on the House Intelligence Committee, said even President-elect Joe Biden and his team are not acting like winners, although they are putting up "a facade" of victory.

"There's a false media narrative that's been created to move us past the election that started essentially election night," he said to the Epoch Times in a recent interview, insisting that House and local races would not have been called if they were so close.

"It's very, very strange," Nunes said. "If you look at the Democrats that we're working with — we're here in Washington, you know, back here this week after the election — these are essentially people that aren't acting very confident."

Biden is projected to have 306 electoral votes, 36 more than is needed to win the Electoral College, and so far leads President Trump by about 6 million votes in the popular vote, according to the Associated Press.

But Trump refuses to concede the race, holding out for legal challenges and recounts to play out in several battleground states, while claiming that the election was rigged, although his team has not shown evidence of widespread fraud. While Biden is moving ahead with setting up an administration, he hasn't been given access to government resources for a presidential transition, which has raised national security concerns. The Trump team is running out of time, however, as states certify their votes and the Electoral College meets in mid-December. Inauguration Day is Jan. 20.

Still, Nunes said Democrats are not "confident" in the election.

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