Never Trumper Jonah Goldberg: Trump 'Is Trying to Steal' the Election


Never Trump stalwart Jonah Goldberg published an essay Friday in which he argued that President Donald Trump “is trying to steal an election he clearly and unequivocally lost.”

Goldberg also claimed on Twitter that Trump’s fight to contest the election results proved that he and other critics of the president were right “all along” about his character.

BTW, just a reminder that the Trump we're seeing right now is perfectly consistent with the Trump some of us saw all along. Let's not pretend otherwise.

The president of the United States is trying to steal an election he clearly and unequivocally lost.

Even liberals frame this fact wrong. They keep saying that Trump is undermining the legitimacy of the election. He is certainly doing that. But the undermining isn’t the endhe most desires—it’s the means to that end. The man is literally trying to steal an election.

It’s pretty clear now—as I think Nicholas Grossman pretty accurately predicted—that his goal was always to steal the election if he didn’t win fairly.* He was pretty transparent about this long before the election. He spent months saying that mail-in or ... (Read more)

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