Vatican demands answers from Instagram over Pope's model photo 'like'


The Vatican is demanding answers from Instagram after an embarrassing social media mishap in which the Pope's account 'liked' a racy picture of a bikini model.

Eagle-eyed users noticed the papal 'like' under a photo of Natalia Garibotto in a revealing schoolgirl outfit with a caption saying 'I can teach you a thing or two'.

The episode has caused hilarity online but the Vatican says it is seeking an explanation from the Facebook-owned platform, alongside an investigation at the Holy See.

'We can exclude that the "like" came from the Holy See, and it has turned to Instagram for explanations,' a Vatican spokesperson told the Guardian.

Garibotto joked on Twitter after discovering what had happened: 'At least I'm going to heaven.'

She also linked to her website with the light-hearted caption: 'If Pope Francis wanted the site, so should you.'

The model's management company, Coy Co, also took advantage of the apparent error by declarin... (Read more)

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