Video–Crowd Heckles Michigan State Senate Leader in D.C. Airport


Activists met Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey in the Washington, DC, airport on Friday and heckled him as he made his way to meet President Trump.

Shirkey and Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield met with Trump at the White House that afternoon.

As Shirkey made his way through the terminal, he was heckled and badgered:

“Sir, are you committed to upholding the results of a free and fair election?” another asked.

“Will you honor the will of the Michigan voters?” one pestered.

Another angle showed Shirkey walking as the mob continued to pepper him with questions and demands:

"Will you honor the will of the Michigan voters?"

“Do you realize what you’re doing is wrong!” a man shouted.

“Why are you doing this?” he continued as a woman heckled, “Certify the results!”

“Go back to Michigan! People need you there!” the man commanded.

Women followed close behind with giant letters spelling out “SHAME.”

Shortly after the meeting, Shirkey and Chatfield posted a statement o... (Read more)

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