The NFL’s expensive mask justice is about to get a lot worse


The NFL is cracking down on coaches flouting the league’s mask policy by issuing more than $1 million in fines, with more pocketbook penalties expected.

Three head coaches — Vic Fangio in Denver, Pete Carroll in Seattle and Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco — were dealt fines of $100,000 by the NFL for not wearing face coverings during Sunday’s games, league sources told ESPN.

Each team was also docked $250,000, bringing the league-wide punishment tally to $1,050,000. But more fines could be on the way after both coaches during Monday night’s game — the Raiders’ Jon Gruden and the Saints’ Sean Payton — worked the sidelines without properly covering up, ESPN reports. Bill Belichick could also be fined, though it is unclear why the NFL had yet to make a decision on the Patriots coach.

Gruden, who revealed after the game that he previously had COVID-19, wore his mask like a chin strap for some of the game. Payton, who was one of the first NFL figures to test positive for coronavirus, used his neck gaiter more like a turtleneck.

Gruden later put on a mask as the game went on, USA Today reports.

“I’m doing my best,” Gruden said after the Raiders’ 34-24 win. “I’ve had the virus. I’m doing my best. I’m very sensitive about it … I’m calling plays. ... (Read more)

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