Judge tosses last election lawsuit in Arizona


An Arizona judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit from two voters alleging mishandled ballots, the final election-related case pending in the state that voted for a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in more than 20 years.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Margaret Mahoney ruled that the case, involving only two ballots, would not have altered the outcome of the election.

Mahoney did not provide any further details on the ruling but said she would eventually issue an order in writing, according to The Arizona Republic.

The lawsuit involved Laurie Aguilera and Donovan Drobina. Aguilera previously filed in the since-dropped suit against the county over the use of Sharpies on ballots.

Friday’s suit alleged that Aguilera attempted to cast her ballot along with her husband on Election Day.

According to Aguilera, the tabulator did not display a confirmation as it had for her husband. She claimed that Arizona poll workers then refused to honor her request for a new ballot.

She then claimed that the county’s election website did not indicate she had voted but showed that her husband did.

Meanwhile, Drobina said that a tabulator rejected his ballot when he tried to insert it on Election Day, a... (Read more)


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