Edward Norton: Trump 'throwing a wicked pout fest' over election


Actor Edward Norton took to Twitter on Friday to weigh in on why President Trump is not conceding the election to President-elect Joe Biden, saying Trump is “throwing a wicked pout fest” over the results.

Norton, 51, said that Trump is trying to create enough chaos about a peaceful transition of power to where he can cut a “Nixon-style” deal in exchange for his eventual concession, noting that the president is in "multi-dimensional legal jeopardy."

However, the "French Dispatch" actor wrote that Trump's "bluff" has already been called in court.

...or that ‘chaos is what he loves’. The core of it is that he knows he’s in deep, multi-dimensional legal jeopardy & this defines his every action. We’re seeing 1) a tactical delay of the transition to buy time for coverup & evidence suppression 2) above all, a desperate endgame

— Edward Norton (@EdwardNorton) November 20, 2020

...which is to create enough chaos & anxiety about peaceful transfer of power, & fear of irreparable damage to the system, that he can cut a Nixon-style deal in exchange for finally conceding. But he doesn’t have the cards. His bluff after ‘the flop’ has been called in court...

— Edward Norton (@EdwardNorton) November 20, 2020

"The USA cannot let this mobster bully the USA into a deal to save his ass by threatening our democracy," Norton said.

His ‘turn card’ bluff will be an escalation & his ‘River c... (Read more)

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