Newt Gingrich: Trump better able than Biden to lead US to economic recovery from coronavirus


The election now underway raises many questions for the American people. Many are philosophical about what kind of country we want to become — and those are critically important.

But as I was recording the latest episode of my “Newt’s World” podcast, a much simpler, more direct question came to my mind: How long do you want it to take for America’s economy to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and his allies — especially those in the elite media — often say that when Biden was vice president he helped oversee the longest recovery in American history after the 2008 recession. That’s one way to say it. Indeed, Biden’s recovery lasted eight years — and by the end of his tenure, American still was still recovering. You could also say it was the slowest economic recovery in American history.

Then Donald Trump was elected president. His aggressive effort to cut red tape on American businesses (large and small), the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, and his willingness to fight for American interests in international trade led the U. S. economy to actually recover.

At the time, the media attacks on Trump had not begun in earnest. Even CNN’s Christine Romans said one year after Trump’s election: “Something feels different about the Trump economy … there’s a momentum, an energy, a bravado. It’s as if corporate America, Wall Street, and even blue-collar workers suddenly have their mojo back.... (Read more)

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