Biden will 'make clear' his position on court packing when Senate votes on Amy Coney Barrett


Democratic nominee Joe Biden said Friday he will “make clear” his position on adding justices to the Supreme Court when the Senate votes on the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett.

“I'm going to make clear my position in the next several days when they vote on this nominee, but I’ve got to keep the focus on that,” he said in an interview with Fox 2 Detroit.

He later said that "when the [Senate Judiciary] Committee makes the decision, and the vote begins to occur, that's when I'll let you know my position.”

Biden suggested Republicans were “packing the court” by filling the vacancy left by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Barrett -- who faced Senate Judiciary Committee hearings this week. Democrats have said Republicans are rushing through the pick too close to Election Day, with millions of Americans already voting.

"Court packing” is not normally used to refer to filling vacancies, although a number of Democrats have attempted to use that term to describe the process in recent weeks. Instead, it has traditionally referred to potential politically motiviated plans to expand the number of justices on the court.

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