UK’s US ambassador investigated over fears he leaked White House secrets to CNN reporter


The Sun understands married Lord Darroch’s passionate affair with CNN diplomatic correspondent Michelle Kosinski went on for at least several months.

The Department of Justice probe into the 66-year-old diplomat is thought to be the first into a serving British ambassador in Washington.

It was launched after top US government officials were “astonished” by a series of articles by Kosinski, 46,

One story about plans for a top–secret visit to North Korea by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo sparked horror, with US security interests said to be at risk.

Lord Darroch, married for 42 years and with two grown-up children, is believed to have fiercely denied any impropriety and any suggestion he was the leaker — and he was eventually cleared.

Ironically he quit his post in July last year after his own diplomatic cables were leaked, showing he had branded President Donald Trump “inept” and “incompetent”.

Kosinski’s public LinkedIn profile shows she left her post at CNN five months later.

A security source said: “The leaks of the cables last year were obviously deeply embarrassing and left Darroch no option but to resign once President Trump made his feelings clear.

“But for the US to investigate the most senior diplomat of its greatest ally on suspicion of leaking secret information is almost unprecedented.

“Although the investigation found nothing over Darroch, the fact it happened is extraordinary.”

The Sun understands married Lord Darroch’s passionate affair with Michelle Kosinski went on for at least several months

Lord Darroch, from South Stanley, Co Durham, had joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1977 and tied the knot the following year.

He was Tony Blair’s European Union advisor and later National Security Advisor to David Cameron.

His NSA job gave him wide- ranging access to top-secret intelligence about the rise of IS in Syria, Russian aggression and Iran’s nuclear programme. In 2016, as Sir Kim ­Darroch, he landed the coveted post of UK ambassador to the US.

But as the Darrochs approached their ruby wedding anniversary, the ambassador was allegedly engaged in a special relationship of his own.

The Sun understands he had begun his affair with Kosinski, who is also married, by the beginning of 2018.

They swapped intimate messages, seen by The Sun, detailing plans for secret hook-ups.

But as their relationship developed, Kosinski’s scoops began to attract the attention of senior White House officials.

The experienced reporter was far from a star name in the US media, with Washington insiders describing her as “not well-connected”.

Kosinski left her post at CNN five months after Lord Darroch resigned as the UK's US amassador.

But sources say she suddenly began to steal a march on her rivals, with the inside track on the Trump presidency’s most sensitive plans.

In February 2018 Lord Darroch is understood to have been suspected of tipping off Kosinski that CIA Director Mike Pompeo had told his staff he would soon become Secretary of State.

He was duly sworn into the job, equivalent to Britain’s Foreign Secretary, in April.

Days later Kosinski allegedly learned Pompeo was secretly planning a hugely delicate trip to North Korea to lobby for the safe return of three US citizens.

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