Cindy McCain joins Joe Biden's transition team


Cindy McCain, the wife of late Senator John McCain, is taking her support for former Vice President Joe Biden beyond an endorsement to join his team.

Cindy will join Biden's transition team as a member of its advisory board, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. She endorsed the Democratic nominee for president on Tuesday, saying that her husband lived by a code of "country first," and that Biden is the "one candidate" that stands up for "our values as a nation."

She won't be a paid staff member, but will instead offer her counsel to the transition team, the WSJ reported. Cindy is the second Republican to join the board, with Obama's former Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald being the first.

While Biden and Senator McCain were friends who spent afternoons picnicking in the former vice president's backyard, there's no love lost between the McCains and President Donald Trump. In 2015, Trump, then a candidate for president, dismissed McCain as a "war hero" because he was captured. He's also called him "incompetent," a "dummy."

The senator's daughter, Meghan, who was close to her father, has pushed back on Trump's comments, calling them "vile and disgusting." After the senator's passing in 2018, past presidents honored him at his funeral, an event the family didn't invite Trump to attend.

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