Trump or Biden? Peruvian shamans try to predict U.S. election winner


LIMA (Reuters) - With incense smoke, flowers and photos of President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden, Peruvian shamans performed an ancestral ritual on Wednesday for the U. S. elections, but there was little agreement about who would win the Nov. 3 ballot.

Chanting and blowing a traditional Andean shell instrument, the shamans, dressed in multicolored garb, invoked the “Pachamama”, or mother earth, for the U. S. vote to take place in peace, without attacks or any witchcraft between the rivals.

Shaman teacher Ana María Simeón, during the ritual held in a low-lit room of an old building in downtown Lima, said she was in favor of Biden.

“That is why we are cleansing him (...) we have seen that they are attacking him with witchcraft, with a black doll, with a voodoo doll they are shadowing to remove him,”... (Read more)

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