'I am your wife': Oregon wildfires trigger heartbreak for man searching for wife, teen son, mother-in-law


An Oregon man’s desperate search for his 13-year-old son and ailing mother-in-law amid a raging wildfire turned into a tale of unimaginable horror and heartbreak.

Chris Tofte had gone off to borrow a trailer from a friend last week so he and his family could evacuate their home just east of Lyon as the Beachie Creek Fire bore down, the Statesman Journal reported.

By the time Tofte started heading back home in the wee hours Tuesday, the inferno had already descended on the area around the family’s house.

Frantic, the dad blew past a roadblock and raced toward the center of the blaze — soon coming upon a lump of singed flesh in the middle of the road.

Tofte helped her into his car while explaining he had to hurry on to find his spouse and son.

“I am your wife,” the woman whispered, sending Tofte reeling, horrified that he hadn’t been able to recognize her.

Tofte’s wife, Angela Mosso, is now hospitalized in critical condition with severe burns on her feet, back and arms.

While heavily sedated, Mosso urged Tofte before he left her at the hospital on Tuesday to search for their son, Wyatt.

“Don’t come back till you find him,” she said.

Mosso had instructed their son to make a run for it with the family dog, Duke, a 200-pound bull mastiff mix, as ... (Read more)

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