‘It Kind Of Kills The Whole Idea’: Pete Buttigieg Says Rogan Wouldn’t Be ‘Neutral’ Moderator


Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg said Tuesday that he didn’t believe a presidential debate moderated by podcast giant Joe Rogan would be “neutral.”

Buttigieg, who appeared on ABC’s “The View” alongside husband Chasten, suggested that President Donald Trump was jumping on the idea because it was a convenient distraction and argued that Rogan could not be a neutral moderator.

Host Meghan McCain put the question to Buttigieg, noting that he had campaigned on being a younger, fresher voice and had not shied away from doing interviews in more unorthodox settings.

“Would you advise Biden to accept Rogan’s offer or maybe go to another unorthodox place to debate President Trump?” she asked.

Buttigieg said that he had loved shaking thing up on the campaign trail, but he was certainly wary of the idea of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden debating with Rogan as a moderator.

“The whole idea of a debate moderator is somebody who is neutral. And if one of them is being pushed by one of the two candidates, one of the two parties to the debate, it kind of kills the whole idea it’s going to be neutral,” Buttigieg explained, apparently referencing the fact that President Donald Trump had already jumped on th... (Read more)

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