Video of Tulsa police officer shooting released


Tulsa police released a video on Monday of David Ware shooting two police officers during a June traffic stop.  A district court judge has previously sealed video of the shooting, but reversed that decision after Ware’s attorney contested police and prosecutors' retelling of the event.

Ware shot the officers after arguing and physically fighting them to avoid getting out of his car. Officer Aurash Zarkeshan and Sgt. Craig Johnson planned to tow the vehicle.

In the video, the officers tased and pepper sprayed Ware multiple times. When Ware was finally forced out of the car, he shot both officers multiple times and fled.

Sgt. Johnson died from his wounds and Zarkeshan is still recovering.

Ware’s defense attorney accused the police of manipulating facts to make the shootings ap... (Read more)

Submitted 318 days ago

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