Trump deploys family as a force multiplier


When Ivanka Trump hits four states in four days for her father’s campaign, she will be joining a family-first political strategy designed to dominate news bulletins in key swing states.

On Monday, campaign officials announced that she would be appearing in North Carolina later that day, followed in short order by Arizona, Texas (for a fundraising event), and Florida.

But that is still small beer compared with Don Jr. After appearing with Kid Rock in Michigan on Monday, the president’s eldest son is due to head to seven more states, headline five Make America Great Again rallies, four small-business events, four fundraisers, and record about 20 local media hits.

While other presidents have leaned on their children during campaign seasons, analysts say few have done it with as much fanfare as President Trump, mirroring the way he runs his businesses.

Campaign strategists point out how Eric and Don Jr. can appeal to the rural Trump base, while Ivanka is better placed to woo women voters and independents in swing states.

“She is one of those people that can sell the president's agenda and story and case for reelection in an incredible way,” said a senior campaign official on a conference call with reporters. “And you know, if I can get her out there for four days a week from here till Election Day, I feel a lot better about where we stand.”

She joins other family members who are already making multiple appearances a week.

Last week, Don Jr. did 15 events, including three rallies. Eric Trump is in Georgia this week, and his wife, Lara, has been traveling on the Women for Trump bus.

Don Jr.’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former Fox News host, is also a senior adviser to the campaign and, as well as sharing a stage with her boyfriend, will headline her own events in the final weeks of the campaign, according to a source close to the family.

The source added that the result was something much closer to a conventional campaign, using star power to generate "earned media" in key local markets, than the strategy being pursued by Joe Biden and the Democrats.

“The real point of this is to get local earned media and to dominate swing district DM... (Read more)

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