Dinesh D'Souza says recent riots and political unrest could lead to 'rise of citizen militias around the country'


Conservative filmmaker and scholar Dinesh D'Souza said Sunday that recent rioting and political division within the U. S. could lead to the "rise of citizen militias," if societal tensions are not quickly de-escalated and diffused.

"The problem is that you respond [to rioting] through the lawful authorities, which is through the police; if things escalate beyond a certain point then you call in federal assistance. If things escalate beyond that point you call in the military," he told Fox News during a phone interview. "Local governments and state governors are calling down the cops and licensing their own private gangs. If the cops won't protect us, then you're going to see the rise of citizen militias around the country."

"I'm not advocating this," he added. "I'm predicting it. It is a natural and inevitable response to the militarization of one side."

D'Souza, whose new documentary film "Trump Card" is set to come out next month, claimed the escalation of division by the Democratic party has set off a chain reaction, which has caused cities to break down and inspired hardworking taxpayers to start new lives in more rural areas of the country.

"There's a great line from the movie Breaker Morant, 'When one side violates the rules of engagement you would expect the same type of conduct from the other,'" he explained. "This has to be stopped, otherwise you're going to see things just deteriorate. Cities will become uninhabitable. The cities are the center of western civilization. You have commerce and you have culture. The Democrats are making it such that it's difficult to have either one. That means technology, commerce, and culture will decamp and move out of the city, which means they'll become like ghost towns."

D'Souza also spoke about the difference between the Democratic party now, compared to 25 years ago, saying that they have launched an effort to rebrand themselves as far-left while making life difficult for center-right people of faith.

"No one would claim that the Republican party and Christianity are the same thing," D'Souza said. "So, an attempt to make a direct equation goes too far. The Republican Party stands for political things and Christianity stands for not only spiritual things but it also stands for things that go beyond life in this word. Christianity in a much larger canvass than let's say conservatism or the Republican Party."


"Now, that being said, Christianity has actually become a bone of contention in the United States today," he continued. "For example, there are powerful attacks on religious freedom and on the churches. You see this in the double standard that the left applies when they want to shut churches down, but they don't want to shut protests down. They're basically saying that churchgoers should be second-class citizens as compared to protesters. Or that one enjoys a higher form of protection than the other."

He then touched upon the pro-life issue and said voting Democrat is directly at odds with the tenets of Catholicism and Christianity as a whole.

"Another critical issue -- especially for Catholics -- but also for Christianity generally, is the pro-life issue. On which, Catholic teaching doesn't really admit any room for doubt," D'Souza claimed. "It's not that you have ... (Read more)

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