Man says he was attacked for flying ‘Trump 2020’ flag at central Wisconsin campground


HANCOCK, Wis. (WSAW) - The weekend of August 1 was meant to be a fun and relaxing one with family and friends at the Oasis Campground for Greg Bloch. That soon changed.

Bloch, a resident of Lomira, says a group walking through his family’s campsite around dusk on Saturday, August 1, appeared to be intoxicated.

“Spilling stuff through our campsite, and, they picked up their stuff and were apologetic about it, until the younger individual, the male, went through and saw the Trump flag that I had just purchased that day,” recalled Bloch. “That individual says ‘What’s up with that Trump flag?’ I said ‘Trump loves everybody, have a good day’ just trying to move him along.”

After telling Bloch the flag was coming down later, the group did move on; only to return what Bloch says was some 20 minutes later.

“I hear banging on the side of my camper and my wife says ‘They’re back,’” Bloch went on to say. “As soon as I rounded the camper, I noticed the flag was torn down.”

What happened next was unexpected to Bloch and his family, and left them with marks to prove it.

“The one male rushed me, the one I had the conversation with earlier, and I’m like ‘Okay, this is going down I guess,’” explained Bloch, who says until that night he’d never been in a fight. He says this one turned out to be 3-on-1. “We grappled; fell into my camper; fell down to the ground. At that point, I was getting pummeled by all three. They were landing on my face, my nose.”

As Bloch’s wife and daughter tried to get the three individuals attacking their husband and father to stop, Bloch says they too were targeted.

“My 20-year-old daughter,” he said. “She came around from the front of the truck and grabbed one of the individuals. He pinned her against my truck and hit her in the face. It was probably 10, 20, 30 seconds of it, but that was enough.”

According to Bloch, campground staff and other family members were able to break up the fight. The three individuals that had attacked Bloch and his daughter entered a car at a nearby campsite and left the area.... (Read more)

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