Tough love: Phoenix family gives away teen's belongings after high-speed joyride in family's Range Rover


A Valley family laying down the law on their teenage son, after they say he stole their Range Rover while they were on vacation, and took it on a joy ride.

"I just wanted to drive but I don’t have a license so I just took it," said 14-year-old Angel Martinez. "I can wash the car, and I was like I don’t have anything to dry it, so I’m gonna take it for one spin until it dries."

Angel was speeding his North Phoenix neighborhood, disrupting his neighbors while his parents celebrated their anniversary in Las Vegas.

Angel's family found about the joy ride after Phoenix Police gave them a call. Their son had been in trouble a few times before, so with no other options, it was time to clean house.... (Read more)

Submitted 54 days ago

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